BERT Employers

Employers are required to pay contributions in accordance with the Trust Deeds covering BERT and BEWT and their respective EBA. All eligible workers, whether full-time, part-time or casual are entitled to receive contributions.

Contributions must be maintained for all workers where covered by an EBA, including when a worker is on approved leave. Contributions must be maintained while an employee is in your employment.

Employers are required to contribute to BEWT in accordance with the Trust Deed and industrial agreements covering the building and construction industry. Contributions to BEWT are calculated as per your Industrial Agreement.

How Do I Join?


Any employer who has eligible workers engaged in the building and construction industry can participate in BERT and BEWT.

Deeds of Adherence

An employer must complete and sign the Deeds of Adherence forms to register as a participating employer for BERT and BEWT.

Please ensure you follow the steps below when completing the Deeds of Adherence:

  • Ensure all the details are complete, including the employers name, trading name, address and effective date that contributions to BERT and BEWT will commence
  • Indicate the payroll end day which will then determined the number of contribution weeks each month will be based on e.g. weekly each Thursday or Tuesday etc. The computer system that produces the Contribution Advice form will be altered to match your pay periods
  • Ensure that the contact details on the Deeds of Adherence forms are complete. The address that is entered should be the address to which all correspondence will be sent
  • Sign the Deeds of Adherence as either a company, a sole proprietor with workers or a partnership

The Deeds of Adherence are a legal document binding the employer to the provisions of the rules governing BERT and BEWT. The employer is legally required to make monthly contribution payments to the Funds as per the EBA.

Contributions must be maintained for all eligible workers covered by an EBA including when they are on approved leave.

Contribution payments are to commence from the ‘date of effect’ noted on the Deeds of Adherence or the date of the industrial agreement.

All details, including the ‘contact’ section must be completed, otherwise the Deeds may be rejected.

Work Injury Management Service (WIMS)

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