Construction Income Protection – CIP commenced on 1st of March 2001 to provide income protection and portability of sick leave benefits for workers in the building and construction industry within Queensland and Northern Territory. On 6th September 2004 Construction Income Protection Ltd was established to oversee the Fund. This company replaced Construction Income Protection (Qld) Pty Ltd. 

Since its commencement, over 20 years ago, CIP has paid out over $161 million to members in their time of need.

The Fund has the full support of the employee unions and the major employer association in the Queensland building and construction industry. The benefits payable by the Fund provide building workers an income whilst off work due to long-term illness or injury for up to 2 years (104 weeks). It also allows workers to bank and utilise untaken sick leave that previously would be forfeited when the employee leaves employment. 

The board has an equal number of employer and worker representative directors nominated by each of the Queensland Master Builders Association and building unions representing the workers.


CIP Ltd has rules that state how the Fund must operate and what benefits can be paid to workers. These rules are set out in a legal document called a constitution. If you wish to obtain a copy of any of the rules of CIP, contact the Operations team on 1300 261 114 or via email [email protected]

All insurance related questions should be directed to Total Claims Solutions.  Their contact number is 07 3230 9300

Please note: Construction Income Protection Limited (CIPL) is the administrator of the Accident and Illness Benefits Program and Portable Sick Leave Scheme. The insurance policy is arranged by Windsor Management Insurance Brokers and distributed by CIPL. CIPL does not manage or process claims. All claims are managed and processed by Total Claims Solutions, who has been appointed as claims manager of QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited. CIPL does not give any advice in relation to the insurance policy.