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Workers Eligible to Participate in CIP 

Any eligible worker of a participating employer whether full-time, part-time or casual, including apprentices, can participate in CIP. Casual workers will have payments made on a weekly basis, which will provide seven days coverage from the date of payment;

e.g. payment made on Tuesday, covered until 12 midnight the following Monday.

Contributions cannot be made for any worker once they are 70 years of age. 

Workers Joining CIP 

It is the responsibility of employers to pay contributions on behalf of their workers to CIP, after the employer has signed an Employer Application for Membership. 

The worker is covered by the fund when his / her employer enters the worker's name and details through the online contributions system and pays contributions on behalf of the worker. For the worker to be eligible for benefits, his / her claim must fall within the terms and conditions of the policies. 

For a copy of the Financial Services Guide please click here

Categories of Eligible Workers 

Building Workers 

Click here to view the Building Workers brochure. 

Civil Industry Workers

Click here to view the Civil Workers brochure.

Major Projects Workers 

Click here to view the Major Project workers brochure. 


BOBB Info 

With its simple navigation and 24/7 access the BERT Online Balances & Benefits (BOBB) system will allow members to register an account, updated contact information, check their account balance and payment contributions online.

BOBB can be accessed via your PC, Laptop, iPad or Smartphone to help you with your enquiry at any time. Remember BOBB's your mate - Simply register today and make monitoring your BERT payments easy!

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CIPL Important Notice 

Please Note: From 14 November 2016, tax is withheld from gross weekly benefits by QBE as per ATO guidelines. 

For more information, please contact Total Claims Solutions on (07) 3230 9300.

Please note: Construction Income Protection Limited (CIPL) is the administrator of the Accident and Illness Benefits Program and Portable Sick Leave Scheme. The insurance policy is arranged by Windsor Management Insurance Brokers and distributed by CIPL. CIPL does not manage or process claims. All claims are managed and processed by Total Claims Solutions, who has been appointed as claims manager of QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited. CIPL does not give any advice in relation to the insurance policy.