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Training Grants Fact Sheet

BTF Information Sheet

Making an Application

Any person who is a member of BERT and meets the BERT Training Fund eligibility criteria can apply for a training subsidy for construction related training courses. BTF recommends that applications are made prior to the commencement of the course so you know how much will be reimbursed before you commit to the training. Applications can be submitted via the internet at: www.btfund.org.au (Training Grants – Apply Here) or through the post, by email (info@btfund.org.au). 

Funding Criteria 

  • The course cost must be paid by the applicant or the employer prior to commencement;  
  • A separate application form must be completed for each course to be funded;
  • Generally, only accredited training delivered by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) will be eligible for a training grant. If in doubt; contact the BTF office or submit an application form; 
  • The amount of funding that will be approved will be limited to the total funds held in the applicant’s BERT account for the previous 12 months; 
  • Training grants are limited to a total of $1,500.00 per course;
  • No funding is provided for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment or inductions;
  • You can seek funding for up to two (3) training activities over a 12 month period, provided that the funding for the first two grants was below $1,500.00;
  • Reimbursement by BTF is only made after the training is completed and the following documentation is provided:  
    • A copy of the paid receipt from the RTO that delivered the training;
    • A copy of the training results (Statement of Attainment or Qualification);  
    • A copy of your Separation Certificate (if applicable); 
    • A copy of your bank statement clearly displaying the name of the bank, the account name and the BSB and account numbers. 
  • Payment is made direct to the nominated bank account within 10 days of receipt of the required documentation;
  • Grants remain valid for a period of 3 months and will automatically lapse if no contact is made with BTF. Grants for higher level courses, such as Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma remain open for a longer duration.

BTF will not generally reimburse the full cost of training. It is important to know how much will be reimbursed before you commit to the training. Applications are formally notified of the level of support BTF can provide (via mail, email or text). 

NOTE: The above funding criteria is subject to change. 

Approval of Applications 

BTF processes applications continuously. Applicants will receive written confirmation of approval of their grant/s and the amount to be funded within three to five working days of the grant being lodged. We recommend applicants wait until written confirmation has been received before committing to pay for a course. 

Training Courses 

Generally, BTF will only fund accredited training. The courses listed below are indicative only. If you have any doubts, submit a completed application form and you will be advised whether funding will be approved.


Asbestos Removal
Backflow Prevention
Computer Skills
Confined Spaces
Crane operating (Mobile, Tower, etc.)
Electrical Equipment Test & Tag
Elevated Working Platforms (Boom Lift)
Explosive Power Tools
First Aid (Basic, CPR, Low Voltage Rescue)
Hoist Operator
Plan Reading
Plant Operating (Bobcat, Forklift, Excavator, Roller)
Plastic welding
Rigging – Basic, Intermediate & Advanced
Rope Access
Scaffold ‐ Basic, Intermediate & Advanced
Traffic Controller
Truck licence  
Working at Heights
Health and Safety Representative
EWP Under 11m (Scissor)


Gas Fitting
Fire Protection Inspection and Testing


Certificate IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma in Building and Construction  
Certificate IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma in Work Health and Safety  
Certificate IV in Civil Construction Supervision
Certificate IV, Diploma in Plumbing and Services  
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you take money out of my BERT account?
No funds are deducted from your BERT account to cover the cost of your training. Your BERT account is only used as a reference to determine the amount of funding we will authorise.

How much of the training costs will you cover?
Generally, we will only fund a percentage of the total cost of the training. The amount we will contribute will depend on a variety of factors, so we encourage you to complete an application form as soon as you know the details about the training you want to undertake. You will then be advised the amount of the subsidy.

Why do I need to identify if I am employed or unemployed?
If you are unemployed you may be eligible for a higher percentage of reimbursement. Proof of unemployment must be provided e.g. Separation Certificate, Statutory Declaration.  

What other costs will you cover?
We may reimburse you for costs other than direct training costs, but excluding costs such as services provided by persons ‘organising’ the training or fees associated with obtaining any licences.  

What costs are not covered?

  • Costs associated with RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) will not be covered. We will only reimburse costs associated with the training component of the course.
  • We will not pay any other related costs such as services provided by persons 'organising' the training.
  • We will not pay costs associated with obtaining the actual license e.g. statutory licence fees.

Who pays for the training?
You must pay for the training up front.

What sort of training will BTF pay for?
We will provide funding for most courses that are related to construction industry work.

Where do I have to do the training?
You can do the training anywhere provided it is delivered by a registered training organisation.