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Call Us At 1300 261 114

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Email: info@btfund.org.au

IMPORTANT: You must read and agree to continue to the application 

  • The total funds for all grants will not exceed the highest balance of your BERT account for the past 12 months. 
  • A maximum of three training activities may be funded over 12 months, provided the first two courses received a total BTF funding amount less than $1500.
  • Courses may not be fully funded. Applicants will be advised in writing of approved funding amount.
  • You must pay for the course upfront.
  • The training must be delivered by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), unless otherwise approved.
  • Proof of completed training (copy of training results/certificate or statement of attainment) and proof of payment (a paid tax invoice or official receipt from the RTO) must be provided before reimbursement is made. Also, a copy of the applicant's bank statement clearly displaying the name of the bank, the account name and the BSB and account numbers is required.
  • BTF only funds costs associated with training, RPL (Recognised Prior Learning) will not be covered.
  • Short courses grants are valid for 3 months. Higher Level Qualifications are eligible for a longer period and you will be advised in writing of their duration after the application is made.
  • Personal information must be provided to enable consideration of eligibility. The BERT Privacy Policy details how personal information will be managed.

I understand and accept these terms and conditions and wish to continue to the online grant application.