2016 BERT Golf Day

8 June 2016 | Gainsborough Greens 

With stomachs lined after a hearty breakfast of bacon; eggs and coffee (thanks to our catering sponsors BUSSQ and PFG) 25 teams hit the Gainsborough Greens course in what was another fun-filled and successful fundraising event for BERT and the MATES in Construction 2016 Kokoda Trek. 

With novelty holes lining the course and a many colourful outfits the competition spirit was definately out in full force on the day.

Special mention to our competition hole winners and the over team winners on the day.

2016 KOKODA Breakfast

18 May 2016 | Victoria Park Golf Complex 

The MATES in Construction Kokoda Trek for 2016 was officially launced in May at another successful breakfast.

We were inspired by former SAS Commander Mick Donaldson who gave aspiring trekkers a taste of jungle warfare. Contributing to $8,000 of the fundraising total, 50 trekkers have signed to date to tackle the Kokoda Trek in PNG in September.

2015 MATES in Construction KOKODA Trek

4 - 13 September 2014 |Owen Stanley Ranges | $137,308 raised for MATES in Construction


In September this year I was privileged to trek Kokoda under the banner of MATES in Construction. I took the decision to join the team earlier this year and now having completed the adventure can clearly say it was one of the most rewarding things I have ever achieved.

I'm not sure whether it was the mateship, the challenge, the emotion, the fear of failure, the support for MATES in Construction or a host of other emotions, but having completed the trek it was worth every effort I put in.

I want to thank Mary Smith and the exceptional team from Aurora Adventures, for their support and friendship in helping us achieve a fantastic goal of trekking Kokoda, without their support I would not have made it. Secondly to MATES in Construction for the privilege of trekking under their banner. Together with other trekkers we are now very proud members of a unique group. Less than half a percent of the Australian population has trekked Kokoda.

Thirty-two trekkers took part in this years event, and I am incredibly honoured to have trekked with my fellow colleagues Amanda Arrowsmith, Mick Booth and Ray Abi-Fares, and all other industry friends.

Bill Wallace, General Manager BERT Pty Ltd and CIP Limited

2015 BERT / CIP Golf Day

Wednesday 15 July 2015 | Gainsborough Greens | $40,000 raised for MATES in Construction

With a chilly start to the morning the BERT and CIP Funds conducted its inaugural golf day, with the purpose to raise funds for the BERT team members trekking Kokoda for MATES in Construction. The industry support was out in full force on the day and we witnessed some very fashion forward members of our industry taking on the wonderful course at Gainsborough Greens with a great spirit of competition.

While all attendees were winners on the day, special mention must go to:

FIRST PLACE: The Fugen / Hutchies Team - Josh Clarke; Peter Marsh & David Mobberley

WINNERS of LAST PLACE: The BEWT Team "BEWT-ies" - Amanda Arrowsmith; Kate Fitzgerald; Pippa Walton & Jill Wallace

2014 MATES in Construction KOKODA Trek

5 -14 September 2014 |Owen Stanley Ranges | $144,000 raised for MATES in Construction

Partaking in the inaugural MATES in Construction (MIC) Kokoda Trek, our very own Amanda Arrowsmith, Business Engagement Manager says...

"For what was always a 'bucket list' item for me, I didnt think twice when the opportunity presented itself to trek Kokoda.  It was an added bonus that I got to do it representing BERT and to raise money for MATES in Construction - truly fitting that I would be venturing to a place where so many lives were lost in an attempt to enable saving so many more. I could not be more grateful and honoured.

With all the preparation I had done prior to setting off on this journey, I could never have expected that experiencing Kokoda would be so much fun. That may sound inappropriate considering the history of the track but what we learned while there was the great sacrifice that a
was made to allow out to freely enjoy the adventure. We would often find in amongst the reflection time, paying respect to our diggers, hours of trekking through rain, mud, humidity and steep hills once you thought you'd spent every ounce of your energy - more was to come. It would come in the way of a spectacular fall, having your water bottle fall victim to the rapidly running creek, realising the smell you'd been trying to escape all morning was your own clothes, the joyful sound your feet made squishing in your wet boots or leaving your only utensil, bowl, cup and days ration at the last camp stop. It was at these times all we could do was laugh. Fashion yourself a new cup out of a two-fruits container and then laugh. Upon looking back I would have never have known at the time how mcuh fun I was truly having.

It was the toughest, most challenging experience I have completed and amidst the physical pain and mental challenges, I met some of the best people I could ever come to know, I enjoyed their company thoroughly and they supported me in some tough moments. When both my fellow trekkers and the Papuan porters at times offered the most genuine hands of friendship, I couldn't decide what suprised me more - that a practical stranger who had lillte left in their tank after such an exhausting day was still willing to do so much for another or that I instantly trusted the gesture.

Kokoda really was an experience that I cannot do justice by explaining, it can only be understood when you embark on the journey yourself. It is such a personal experience with the trek meaning such different things to each trekker and still unifying the group with the witnessing of true mateship, sacrifice, courage and endurance as spelled out by the Isurava memorial.

I believe this trek taught me how to rise to a challenge and become bigger than the track that faces you. How to let silence linger for longer than is comfortable - because that's when the growth comes. How to smile through tough moments because you're blessed to even be stepping on what is really sacred ground, with the comfort of knowing your life isn't being threatened. Not to always look for the finish line because everything you have to learn will be during the race, the finish line is where you look back, so make it worth looking back on. How a landscape with such beauty can be so unforgiving that every step is to be calculated and taken one at a time. How it is so important to remember how temporary pain is so you are always pushing your limits and understanding what you are truly capable of - physcially and mentally."