BERT Fund under Attack


Parliament is considering legislation namely the Fair Work (Proper Use of Worker Benefits) Bill 2017. The mainstream press has recently published a number of articles dealing with this matter. Any informed, fair minded reader would categorise the “reports” in the Australian and Courier Mail as transparent attempts to drum up popular support for the legislation.

The press and all other parties have the right to support whatever cause they choose.

However, they do not have the right to slander and vilify BERT.

Our core complaint is the malicious and wholly untrue claim that BERT pays large sums of money to the CFMEU ($4,181,000 in 2017) for that union to deal with as it pleases. It is claimed that this money enables the CFMEU to incur fines with impunity because the likes of BERT provides the union with so called “Rivers of Gold”.

In other words, they claim BERT is sponsoring unlawful activity

These claims are outright falsehoods.

Our contributing employers have the right to demand an explanation from BERT.

I refer you to the BERT submission to the Senate Committee (below) where the Fund completely rebuts these claims with the facts. The reader will notice that the rebuttal is directed at the claims of AiG. Please refer to the copy of AiG submission below.

BERT is particularly galled that a once respected business lobby group is prepared to risk its credibility by submitting a string of falsehoods to the Senate.

I advise that they made no attempt to verify their claims by approaching BERT before completing their submission.

BERT appeals to any reader who represents a member of AiG to register their displeasure at its unwarranted claims and demand a retraction and apology to BERT.

I would be delighted to discuss this matter with any contributing employer and member.


John Shenfield

General Manager

0428 332243 

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