Payment of Contributions

Online payments

The BERT Fund is now self administering BERT, BEWT, and CIP contributions and we encourage you to refer to the below demonstration which will assist with your administration

Click here to submit your contributions online.

Online Contribution Help Videos & Guide

Click here to view all of the Online Contribution Help Videos (Please note these videos are for the old online system)
           Click here to download the Online Contribution Guide.

Non payment of contributions

Employers contributing to the BERT fund have an obligation to pay their monthly contributions on time.

The BERT Trust Deed provides the following:

Interest - if a participating employer defaults in the payment of contributions due, it must pay interest from the date the contributions became due until the date on which they are paid at a rate determined by the Trustee to be equal to 2% over the overdraft rate as advised by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Recovery of expenses - A participating employer must reimburse the Trustee in respect of all reasonable expenses (including collection fees) incurred by the Trustee (or on behlaf of the Trustee by the funds administrator or otherwise) in obtaining payment by a participating employer of any outstanding contribution